Monthly Archives: October 2012

Moving around

One of the weirdest thing about PR is that it can hit any part of the body, at any time. When I tell people that I suffer from arthritis flare ups, they tend to assume that it’s in the fingers.  While it might hit my hands, fingers, or wrists more than other joints in my body, it certainly doesn’t confine itself to there.

This weekend I’m having something of a neck flare up. The last time it flared there was last December, so it’s certainly not that common for me to have, but it’s pretty unpleasant. It hurts to move my neck in any direction, and so sleeping is particularly difficult because it’s agony in my neck every time I shift position in my sleep.  It isn’t hurting too much just so long as I don’t try and move my head position but then when I do, it’s incredibly painful. As with all my other flare ups, taking painkillers is pointless because they don’t work for my PR pain.

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