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I’m now an experiment … of one!

It’s been a pretty good few days since my last post. I have had minimal pain with some days being completely pain free altogether (like today). And then today, following last week’s letter from the consultant telling me that he didn’t have any objections to me starting Doxycycline for my PR, I saw my GP. She was pretty sympathetic, and questioned the small dose that he’d suggested I take.  We agreed that we have no way of knowing that the doxy was behind an improvement in symptoms while I was overseas, – it could have been a whole host of other things, including the change in diet (lots of fish) and weather (very sunny, not much rain). However, she said that she was willing to stick her neck out and prescribe me three months of the doxy at the same dose I had been on. She said that as this is not the regular treatment for PR, she really is sticking her neck out and that, after she retires in March, there are no guarantees that her colleagues will do the same for me. However, by then, I will hopefully have a good idea of whether my attacks are less frequent (or, fingers crossed, gone altogether?), and she did say that if there is good evidence that it is helping, that will be in my favour. She is writing to Dr S. to let him know what is going on and to ask whether I’m to continue on the Hydroxychloraquine as he did not mention that at all in her letter.

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An inconclusive letter

It’s not  been a great few days as far as my PR goes. I’ve had two quite painful flare ups. Sunday night’s came on at about 8 and got worse and worse til bedtime. I managed to sleep okay, with the aid of codeine, but felt really groggy and foggy on Monday. Not sure if that was down to the codeine or just the attack itself. By tea time on Monday the pain had all gone from my hands and was mild in my shoulder. Tuesday was a good day in terms of both energy and pain – in that I had lots of the former and none of the latter. Unfortunately, though, I started to get another flare up in the evening. It came on quite quickly. 9.30pm. No pain. 10pm: creeping pain in the fingers of my right hand and sharp pains in my shoulder. By 10.30, my hand was stiff and very painful while the shoulder was so bad that it was really agony every time I moved in bed. A heat patch, two hot water bottles and some more co-codamol meant that I got some sleep but it was by no means enough, as I dropped off sometime after 12 and woke at 6.

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