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A different kind of pain

This is my first blog written using voice-activated software, so please excuse me if it doesn’t always make sense or if there are some strange words in there. It is a strange program which sometimes seems to have a mind of its own!

The reason I’m using it right now is because I have been told to totally rest my right hand and arm. And therein lies a lesson in what happens when you ignore pain. In about the second week of January, I got, what I thought was, a flare in my right wrist. It was more persistent than usual flares but not at that time particularly painful. With my arthritis flares, it doesn’t make much difference whether I rest the joint in question or carry on. I mean, yes it may hurt to use it, but it won’t necessarily make it worse. And so I carried on as normal.

Yet the flare did not go and, in fact, started to get worse. I also noticed a weird swelling about a centimetre from the base of my thumb. It did not appear to be on my joint. After three weeks of constant pain, I decided that this was no normal flare and went to see the doctor. This wasn’t my usual GP nor my rheumatologist and he sent me to A&E for an x-ray in case there was a break. Thankfully there was no break, although the first doctor I saw was completely mystified by my swelling and pain. This did not inspire me with confidence. Thankfully, she called on a more senior doctor and he was able to diagnose tendinitis. I was relieved that it was something identifiable but dismayed to find out that it might be hanging around for a while yet.

The doctor gave me a splint to wear and told me that I needed to completely rest my wrist. Carrying on as normal had probably aggravated it and prolonged the condition. I now needed to rest.  No cooking. No cleaning. No cycling :-(. And no typing. The voice-activated software that I had been sporadically using suddenly became my best friend. Or at least, the type of friend who will help you out when you need it but makes a point of letting you know how much they’re doing for you, acts passive aggressively and then sometimes refuses to do what you want them to do for no apparent reason!!

Yes it’s frustrating, but it’s better than not being able to send e-mails or do any work at all.

10 days on and there still seems to be no discernible improvement to the swelling or the pain. It hurts constantly and then there’s a really fierce, sharp pain when I’m doing something I clearly shouldn’t be doing. I’m trying not to worry about how long it’s going hang around for, and yet at the same time, I’m quite disheartened and fed up of constant pain. A couple of friends have suggested I seek a second opinion in case there is more I could be doing.

I am assuming that this tendinitis episode is related to my PR because I can’t see any other cause. It’s not as if I was doing a lot of typing or using my mouse on the computer for long periods of time before this happened. mind you, these days I attributed almost everything that is unexplainable to my PR.

Thankfully, actual arthritis flares have been quite mild and short lived while I have had to deal with the tendinitis pain so I suppose there’s always a plus side to everything!