Positive news

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve written a blog post. In fact, my plan to blog regularly around once a month does seem to have fallen by the wayside a little. Mainly, this is for good (and by good, I mean positive) reasons:

Firstly, I’ve had quite a busy time of it with work and with completing a course, “preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector” which has kept me pretty busy. The course I was running for people with long-term health conditions has produced its own booklet, and I spent lots of time and energy getting it ready for it to be printed. It was great fun to do – it’s been a while since I’ve done some design and layout and I’d missed it. If you’d like to see what we’ve produced, there’s a link to a page where you can download the PDF version here. The booklet includes lots of the collective wisdom of our group including tips on dealing with energy and fatigue, learning how to say no and, for people in Manchester, a list of resources. You can view it online or download a copy.

Secondly, although I have flared up (and down again), the arthritis seems to have settled into a bit of a rhythm. Albeit it a Palindromic Rheumatism random rhythm (of course)! This means, I’ve had some wonderful completely pain-free and normal energy days (and even weeks!), interspersed with mild and not-so-mild flare ups and fatigue. However, nothing has been completely unbearable. The hardest thing about this type of pattern is that every time I have a prolonged period of no symptoms, I get lulled into the idea that I might be ‘cured’. This means that I have to go through yet another period of acceptance about still having PR when my symptoms rare their ugly head again.

Since my post on Remembering to Be Mindful, I have managed to meditate every day! Yes, Every Day! I’m immensely proud of this. I’ve definitely noticed the benefits of integrating it into my daily routine and it has had a noticeable impact on my ability to cope with life –not just my PR. I’ve also been keeping a regular ‘grateful’ diary which helps me focus on different positive things every day.  Even when my mind insists on being busy during the meditation, I still find some peace in taking the time to just sit and be.

So, on that positive note, I’ll sign off now, and hopefully be back again sometime in the not too distant future.


One response to “Positive news

  1. Meditation is absolutely the best natural way to distance yourself from the mental torture and physical pain that palindromic rheumatica saddles you with. At the worst times I have been known to listen to 3 meditation discs back to back!

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