A bit of an update

I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks since I last blogged. Time is certainly flying by. My doctor was happy to prescribe the antibiotics for another three months. We both agreed that while there isn’t enough evidence yet to show that it’s working, it’s also too early to decide that it isn’t! I will assess again with the new head of the practice when this prescription runs out.

I also finally had an appointment with a lovely doctor at the pain clinic at Wythenshawe hospital. He asked me a lot of questions about my lifestyle and about my pain, including whether I would work full time if I was able to (probably not!), how much exercise I did, and whether I didn’t have children because of my pain or for other reasons. He has referred me to the pain management programme but said that it was unlikely to have much to teach me given that I already use some mindfulness based approaches and am generally quite active and healthy. I have now had the questionnaire through for this and am thinking that it’s unlikely that I’ll be eligible. Additionally, the course itself takes place over five weeks for two full days each week, so seems to be aimed at people who are not in work.

I discussed the different pain killers that I’d tried thus far and the Dr had two suggestions. Firstly, he suggested that I take a nerve painkiller. Side effects could be cognitive problems – absent mindedness and forgetfulness (how could I tell?!) and fatigue/tiredness. This drug would be something that I’d take daily. I’m daunted by this prospect, and also don’t want to start a new daily regime until I know whether or not my antibiotics are actually working as it could confuse things. He agreed that this was probably the right decision at this time. I am also wary of taking a daily painkiller when I am not in daily pain.

He also suggested that for the very bad attacks, I now try a morphine based painkiller. “Either opiates don’t work with you or you just haven’t tried anything strong enough” he said. While the idea of taking morphine is definitely intimidating, those severe attacks are so painful, that I would like to at least try it once. As these very painful ones are so rare, I am not worried about the prospect of becoming dependent or addicted. If it doesn’t work, then we will also know that my arthritis pain attacks do not respond to opiates.

Finally, I’m happy to report that since I last blogged, I’ve barely had any pain at all. Again, it’s difficult to know whether that’s luck, a particularly stable period or the antibiotics. Whatever it is, I’m grateful for it.


5 responses to “A bit of an update

  1. Hi Ruth,

    good to red your pain free just now and long may it last for you cus you deserve it flower.

    I take pregabalin…. i would fight them to the death if they tried to take it from me cus it works that well! lol I couldn’t do much damage just bniw to them but I would not give them up!

    They did mess with me for a while and it took ages to get up to the full dose but I have been on the top dose, with no real problems now, for over 2 years and another 2 getting to the top level.

    I don’t know if they have gone fro the pregabs or the gabapeptin but give them a go as they could well help.

    Fingers crossed and nice to see you post again. Cris xx

  2. Thanks for your nice comment Cris. Interesting to hear about pregabalin. Sharing experiences with drugs and regimes is really useful I think. They suggested gabapeptin. I will definitely consider it for the future – but I don’t want to start until we know whether the other drugs

  3. Ruth the pregabs are better but more expensive…. Don’t let the side effects put you off.

    Hey you gave me an idea and have started a blog as well… might have to pick your brains though I can;t work out how to attach links or pictures, lol.

    You hang in there. Cris xx

    • Attaching links isn’t too difficult – but I think you’ve got that sorted now. As for photos – I find them really tricky too, so not sure I’m much use there! I can put them in a post but I find it hard to position them where I want. Good luck with the blog. I’ve found mine really useful.

  4. Yep Ruth the blog helps…. though in my case so did a lamb, lol. Just linked your blog to mine and think I might have said that but the brain isn;t so good today, lol. You take care. Cris x

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