I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I last wrote my blog. The time has zipped by. Happily, I’ve not written because I’ve been really busy with work, rather than because I’ve been in too much pain or too tired to. In fact, I’ve had another relatively calm and stable two weeks, with good energy and only mild pain on a few days. Could it be that the antibiotic medication is finally working? I guess if I don’t have any major flare ups for a few more weeks, we could maybe conclude that. Though you never really know for sure.

Expert patient programme
I didn’t make it to the Expert Patient programme this week as I was down in London for work, but I did make it last week. Unfortunately again, I didn’t find it all that useful. This is partly because I have been living with my PR for so long that I already am quite an ‘expert patient’; I am already doing most of the things they suggest. It’s also partly because I don’t really like the way that the course is being delivered. Being a professional facilitator/trainer, it’s hard not to sit there and see improvements that could make it more interesting, more imaginative, more interactive and… more fun! During an exercise to talk about our negative emotions, I didn’t like that we were told WHICH emotions to talk about (rather than letting us choose for ourselves). It was also quite a negative exercise as it really brought me and the woman I was talking to down. Although there was a brainstorm (now called a freethink) on how to deal with those emotions, we didn’t actually practice anything and I was left having remembered lots of negative feelings (which I wasn’t feeling before we started to talk about it!) without actually being given the space to do something about it there and then.

There are only three sessions left and it’s tempting not to bother with them to be honest. Most of the information that we are given is in the handbook that you get with the course. In the first two sessions, much of what we were told was read to us straight from the book, which is pretty boring. It’s also quite passive and not my preferred way to learn or to teach. But then think, if there is one or two new things that I can get out of the course that might help me, maybe it will be worth going anyway? I guess I’ll see how I feel on Tuesday.

Highlight of the last two weeks: some really fun zumba classes and a beautiful cycle ride in the sun last Friday.

Low point: Getting back from London and not having Tofu greet me when I got home. Most of the time I’m not missing him too much, but when I’ve been away or out for a long time it really hits home that he’s not here any more to meow his hellos.


2 responses to “Stabilising?

  1. I hope they give you the opportunity to help them improve the course – it really irritates me when non-trainers/facilitators think they can just ‘do some training’. With just a bit of assistance they could probably transform the course and really help the participants to cope much better. It sounds dire and something to be avoided – how daft of them not to enlist your expertise!

    • Sadly, it seems that the course is licensed (from the USA) and they are REQUIRED to run it exactly the way they have – down to the way they run the brainstorms and everything. It’s not designed to be participatory and they are restricted at how much they can deviate from their script. Really ridiculous.

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