Goodbye to a good friend and companion

I haven’t felt much like writing since my last post and this will just be a short one.  Last week, I made the very difficult decision to put my cat to sleep (I hate that euphemism, but it’s the best there is). I have had him for around thirteen years, longer than my relationship and it’s the longest I’ve ever had a companion animal. He’s been getting old for a while but over the past three months he’s got very frail and it’s been so hard to watch him getting thinner, weaker and more confused.

Last week, I knew that it was finally his time. He was just going to get more and more frail and it was going to be harder and harder to watch, and harder and harder to stop him from suffering. He’d been so full of life and conversation for most of his life. But of recent months, he seemed to have little joy left, and had even stopped coming for cuddles. Having made the appointment, I then had a week to come to terms with it. It was really hard knowing what was going to happen. I made sure I spent some time with him, and he also had a few visits from friends who came to say goodbye.

So, today, I’m feeling a little sad. The house seems so quiet without his meows and so empty without his presence. Thankfully I still have one very fluffy cat left to keep me company.  She was getting neglected over the past few weeks as he took up so much time and attention, so at least we can now give her the cuddles and play that she needs.

Meanwhile, I have had pain (mostly wrist or shoulder) about half of the time since my last post. So still no improvement from the antibiotics. About half way through my ‘trial’. Still not ready to give up hope that it’ll help.

Next week, I start on the expert patient programme. I am looking forward to it and am curious as to whether I’ll learn anything new or useful. It’s on Tuesday so I’ll be sure to report back.

I’ll finish with a photo taken of Tofu in 2007 when he was fit, healthy and curious. He was a little cat with a big personality. He had a long and happy life and will be much missed.

Tofu 2007


7 responses to “Goodbye to a good friend and companion

  1. That’s a lovely photo of him.

  2. Ruth I have been following this blog and just ad to leave you a hug and say how sorry I am for the loss of Tofu.

    I also so hope this trial will work for you. take care and, again, sorry about Tofu. Cris x

  3. So sorry for the loss you your beautiful Tofu, i hope the wonderful memories you have will bring you some comfort. Best wishes with your trial and hope your pain eases 🙂

  4. just back from holiday and catching up – so sad to hear about your lovely Tofu;it’s devastating to lose a good friend like this, to watch the suffering and have to make the awful decision. Hope your trial goes well/better. I’ll write later about Raja Ampat (I’m still spinning from it all)
    love x

  5. Hope your ok Ruth? Just added you to the blog roll on my blog and hope you don’t mind. Sending tea and hopes. Cris x

  6. Thanks for adding me to your blog roll. I am planning an update on mine today!

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