Energy report

It’s amazing how much difference a little bit of energy can make

On Sunday, I was really low on spoons. I had a walk round the park with a mate, and then went to the local shop to do some food shopping. It didn’t take long, and I didn’t buy a lot, and it isn’t even that far from my house, but it totally and utterly finished me off for the day. It was so bad that I couldn’t even make it from the front door to the kitchen to empty my bags, I just sat on the stairs and sort of cried! By 2pm, I was back in bed, having spent all my spoons for that day. It was Sunday and I didn’t have much to do, so I resigned myself to being low on energy and just watched DVDs and chilled out.

Monday and Tuesday have been a totally different story. BOTH days, I have returned home from a full day at work (which for me, is around between 4 to 6 hours) and actually had enough energy to go into the kitchen and COOK! It really is incredible to me how different it can be. Sometimes the thought of cooking seems so overwhelming  – even a simple dish like soup which requires very little effort. And yet today and yesterday, it was nothing at all to chop up some vegetables, add them to a pan and whip up an amazing dish – even if I say so myself! Yesterday’s was broccoli & cashew nut soup, today is a stew with mushrooms, spinach and butter beans. And yet other days, those five hours at work would have used up all my spoons. So that means today I have been to Zumba, cycled to the office, done nearly 5 hours of pretty intense research, cycled home AND cooked. No pain, and a level of tiredness that would be expected for a normal person. Amazing.

I always wonder, when I’ve got good energy, whether I should be conserving it. Or whether I should just enjoy it while it’s there and make the most of it. I still don’t have the answer to that one.  I have scheduled my work this week (I have an impending deadline and a lot to do) so that if I need to spend Friday in bed cos I’ve run out of spoons, I can.  But right now I’m going to enjoy my little burst of energy and have a little bop round the living room while I wait for my stew to finish off.


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