First post 2012

I can feel it in my fingers….

It’s been three weeks since I last posted, and at least two weeks since I started taking the doxycycline. As yet, there’s not been any discernable improvement, but I think it’s probably too soon to really tell. I was lucky enough to have a pain-free, good energy Christmas. However, 2012 started with a flare up in my left knee with the familiar wiped out feeling that I’d been spared for the previous week or so. Four days in and I’m still feeling as wiped out as if I’ve been up partying for the last three nights, even though I have not and I even got a great night’s sleep last night.

Thankfully, recent flare ups have not been too bad in terms of intensity of pain, although I have had some sort of pain about a third of the time. Last week I had a flare up in the little finger of my left hand. The next day it had migrated all the way to the little finger of the right hand. It was as if the arthritis thought that maybe the other little finger was jealous and needed to have some pain to even it out? Yesterday it was in my left knee and wrists, today it’s in all the TOES of my right foot. It’s really bizarre. It’s a pretty new one on me – I don’t remember having had toes flare up before. Perhaps I should start running a book on what joint will flare up next? Reckon I could make some money that way.

The thing about my flare ups is that the pain is different depending on the joint. When it’s in my knee it feels like a really bad injury. It hurts to walk and climbing stairs is particularly painful. Unusually, yesterday it was easier to walk than it was to cycle. Quite often it’s the other way around. I even managed most of the moves in my Zumba class without too much pain. When it’s in the fingers, it’s a really strong stiffness and it’s hard to move them without really acute pain, though if I don’t move them, it won’t too hurt much at all. Wrist flare ups feel like a sprain – from mild to severe depending. Jaw flare ups are one of the most bizarre and painful – especially because it’s difficult to eat with a flare up, and eating’s one of the things I enjoy! Thankfully they’re pretty rare – once or twice a year, touch wood. Today’s toe flare-up feels as if I’ve slammed my foot into a hard surface and standing up or moving them is pretty sore. Wearing high heels is definitely out today!

Today’s flare up is also accompanied by an overwhelming desire to sleep, which is stronger than the pain itself. I’m not sure whether to give in to it or not. I’ve got work that I need to do, although my ability to concentrate is pretty poor.  Sometimes you do have to just give up on the day, but it’s hard to do that without some feelings of guilt, especially when there’s a deadline looming, and especially when I’ve had the last couple of weeks off because of Christmas and New Year. Fingers crossed for more oomph tomorrow.


One response to “First post 2012

  1. am so with you, have headache as well today, but managed to get some of the post-Christmas chores done. I decided to blame current flare-up on withdrawal from Christmas excesses,particularly alchohol and chocolate! (I don’t take any pain killers as present, as I found the side effects just added to my problem)
    I am in a process of xrays and physio assessment at present, but first xray did not show anything significant.
    I’m hoping for something more helpful in the New Year?

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