Brief first post (but not the last)

Hello everyone!

Having now had palindromic rheumatism for 7 years, I’ve hit a bit of a tough patch recently – not with the illness per se – but with the practical and emotional sides of living with a long-term chronic condition. Palindromic Rheumatism (PR) is a relatively rare condition, and there is little information available about  it. Over the years, I’ve found online forums and blogs to be incredibly useful, both in terms of offering support, and providing me with leads and credible information. I decided, therefore, to start my own blog, partly because I find writing therapeutic and partly with the hope that other people diagnosed with PR might find it useful. Comments welcome (indeed, positively encouraged).


2 responses to “Brief first post (but not the last)

  1. I’m glad I read your blog. I like the spoon theory, I’v heard people mention it but never found out what it was! I have Fibro and OA. I find the fatigue hard to cope with. Sue

  2. Thanks for your comment Sue. It definitely helps to know that people are reading this and that I’m not alone in being short-changed with my spoons!

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